Gov. Palin to meet with Karzai

Via the CNN Political Ticker:

"CNN confirms that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai next week in New York during the opening meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

The meeting is part of a larger effort by the McCain campaign to bolster Palin's foreign policy credentials in the face of criticism from Democrats questioning her preparedness for the Vice Presidency. Though her running mate is considered a leading voice on military issues and foreign affairs, Palin herself has only traveled abroad to Kuwait, Germany, Canada and, briefly, to an Iraqi border crossing."

While this may seem like a logical step, it is a bit late to bolster a candidates foreign policy credentials just a few weeks from the election. The McCain camp should stick to bolstering Palin's credibility on domestic issues. He already has the foreign policy cred on the ticket, why have her get tied down in something that will not matter in the short run? Not that I am rooting for her, but common sense tells me she doesn't have much time to prepare for the debates and a meeting with Karzai isn't going to fight her cause against Biden. Then again, it is in the news which means they are taking a break from all of the other more interesting Palin stories.

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