Welcome to Bacchus Veritas, the new home to my thoughts on politics, life, and anything else that suits my fancy. I have to chosen to write under a pseudonym as it really doesn't matter what my name is if you don't know me, and if you do know me, a pseudo for me is just part of my life.

I identify as a moderate and independent, as I feel that when you put yourself into a corner you cease to be critical of your own viewpoints. I know where I find myself on each issue, be it liberal or conservative, but I also feel that challenging those assumptions are the only way to find my truth. You show me evidence to support your position which is stronger than that of mine, then I am more likely to see thing your way. I am reasonable, yet skeptical. Perhaps those go hand in hand. 

Feel free to comment as often as possible as I often hijack other people's post comment sections! I think the meat of a post is in the comment section where people challenge your thoughts and those of every one else. Often enough my comment sections are more interesting than the post itself.  By the way, I am not new to blogging - my intentions are to break free from the constraints of my personal political blog (associated with my true name) with some freer thought with less accountability for simply thinking out loud, if that makes sense. 

Thanks for visiting and humoring my ramblings. Hopefully I can get this blog up to speed in relatively short time so we can get the dialogue rolling!

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